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Browse Simply

Développeur Browse Simply

Browse Simply Web browser the lightest & fastest web browser which gives you a great browsing experience in a tiny package. Browse any site fast on your Android phone and tablet with Browse Simply Web browser. It comes with the best design and less storage space, but still packed with great features. It brings you impressive browsing experience you can also search by voice, and save up to 50% of data usage while browsing. Give a feedback to help me to make Browse Simply Web browser a better browser for you. Always check for new updates and update browser to latest version from Google play. You will get a new upadate every month.•FASTEST BROWSING - Experience the best browsing feature with Browse Simply Web browser search a result and it instantly appear as you type and you can check your previous pages as well if network isn't available. If you need the latest exchange rates or weather forecast, the suggestions have your answer. If you want to visit a site but you don’t remember the exact address, enter its name and Browse Simply will do the rest for you.
• SAVE YOUR DATA - Browse Simply helps you to save your mobile data usage while browsing using Data Save Mode it will block all images from web which will speed up the browsing speed rather you are using 2g.
• PRIVATE BROWSING - Use Private Mode to browse without saving your history, cache, cookies etc and keep your browsing safe & private.
• LIGHT WEIGHT - Small in size it means it doesn't lag even in low ram/memory devices which keeps your device running smoothly and make your browsing experience more interesting.
• MOVABLE TO SD CARD - Browse simply Web browser can be move to external SD card which can helps you to save more internal storage.
• DOWNLOAD MANAGER - Download any file using Browse simply easily & you can also stream any video or audio online.
• B-PLAYER - Now you can download or stream any video online directly from the web BPlayer is a built-in lightest, fastest and smoothest video player which gives you a best experience you had ever seen. You can play video or save to watch later.
• AD_BLOCK - Get rid of annoying ads and popups which makes your browsing slow and annoying. Browse Simply comes with an built-in Ad-Block which can block all the ads from websites and make your browsing intresting and adblock can also helps you to save your data usage .
• UNLIMITED TABS - Multi tasking with Browse Simply Web browser now you can access unlimited number of tabs without any lag or crash. Watch a video, chat with friends or do anything by accessing unlimited tabs. Browse Simply is the app which can helps you to get things done.
• SPEED MODE - Browsing with SPEED MODE enable is the best choice when you browser to read you favourite articles. SPEED MODE will disable the javascript and compress the websites which can helps the page to load 2X faster and 2X smoother.

Browse Simply gives you a best browsing experience in this tiny package. Please tell what you likes in Browse Simply what you think about Browse Simply by giving a review here in Google Play share your idea, ask questions or contacti via:Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (@browsesimply).
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